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A symposium for Mass Communication Undergraduates

A symposium titled “Navigating the Changing Landscape of Media Regulations” was held for the first-year undergraduate students of Mass Communication Honors Degree program to increase awareness of the literacy of media laws as future professionals in the Sri Lanka Media Industry.

This event was organized by the Center for Study of Media and Human Rights in the Department of Mass Communication, collaborating with the Media Law Forum in Sri Lanka. Four resource persons from the Media Law Forum conducted this symposium.

The first session was conducted by Mr. Shan Wijetunga, a senior journalist in Print and Electronic Media and the Former Director at the Sri Lanka College of Journalism. He discussed challenges in New and Social Media, emphasizing the importance of using mass media daily as undergraduate students.

Secondly, Mr. Kulasri Kariyawasam, another senior journalist in Print and Electronic Media, spoke about ethical concerns in New and Social Media by bringing out practical examples in the Sri Lankan context. Mr. Viranjan Herath, an attorney at Law and the Chairperson of Media Law Forum, conducted the third session, providing an in-depth analysis of Media Laws and emerging regulations impacting the freedom of speech.

The final session by Mr. Parbodha Rathnayake, an attorney at Law and the Director of Operation at Media Law Forum, focused on practical examples of freedom of expression violations, educating students on their role in improving media law literacy.

The symposium concluded with the closing remarks given by Probationary Lecturer Dasini I. Madurasinghe, Coordinator of the Center for Study of Media and Human Rights, Department of Mass Communication.

The event provided valuable insights and knowledge for Mass Communication undergraduate students as they prepare for future roles in the dynamic Sri Lankan media landscape.

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