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Empowering Journalists and media activists in Rathnapura : Navigating Legal and Political Landscapes for Freedom of Expression

The Media Law Forum recently organized a workshop in Rathnapura, aiming to educate journalists and media activists on media laws in Sri Lanka. The event provided insights into existing media laws and highlighted recent legislative changes affecting the media landscape. Participants gained a deeper understanding of constitutional provisions, police ordinances, and the penal code, all of which impact freedom of expression in Sri Lanka.

Discussions at the forum delved into challenges surrounding freedom of expression, focusing on the implications of the Online Safety Act and the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill. Through detailed analysis, attendees explored how these laws might affect their work and learned strategies to safeguard their rights.

The session also featured a Q&A segment, where journalists raised concerns about the impact of the Online Safety Act on traditional media practices and sought clarification on source protection laws. The Media Law Forum team addressed these queries, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and empowered in the face of evolving legal dynamics. Overall, the workshop underscored the ongoing need for awareness and advocacy to protect freedom of expression in Sri Lanka.


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