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Strengthening Journalism : Legal Awareness program in Supreme TV Newsroom

Media Law Forum conducted legal awareness programs in the Supreme TV newsrooms on April 2nd, 2024, aiming to build journalists’ capacity on media laws and enhance their understanding of legal frameworks governing journalism. The primary objective was to increase the capacity of journalists, editors, news managers, and staff members in the newsrooms to navigate legal issues effectively.

The Media Law Forum team, comprising AAL Viranjana Herath (Media Law Forum Chairperson), AAL Prabodha Rathnayake (Media Law Forum Operation Director, Moderator of the Discussion), Nayana Tharanga Gamage (LLB), and Dulmini Ekanayake (LLB), facilitated the sessions. Initially, the team provided an overview of the role of the Media Law Forum and an introduction to various media laws.

Following this introduction, discussions commenced with specific focus areas raised by the Supreme TV team. Topics included inquiries about the implementation of the Online Safety Act, source protection laws, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act. These discussions aimed to address the practical concerns and queries of the newsroom staff regarding their legal obligations and rights in the context of media operations.

Through interactive dialogue and information-sharing, the sessions aimed to empower journalists with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate within legal frameworks while upholding journalistic integrity and freedom of expression. The collaborative effort between Media Law Forum and Supreme TV sought to foster a deeper understanding of media laws and promote responsible journalism practices within the newsroom environment.

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