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Legal Awareness Workshop on Media Laws and Regulations at Uva Community Radio

On April 24, 2024, the Media Law Forum hosted a comprehensive workshop focusing on the legal intricacies impacting journalism, within the premises of Uva Community Radio. This significant event garnered participation from both the dedicated staff of Uva Community Radio and eager students enrolled in the esteemed Media course offered by Uva Community Radio.

The workshop featured illuminating lectures delivered by prominent legal experts. AAL Mr. Viranjana Herath, Chairperson of the Media Law Forum, spearheaded the Sinhala media lecture, providing invaluable insights into the legal landscape shaping journalism in the Sinhala language. Additionally, AAL Mr. Aingkaran Kugathasan led the Tamil media lecture, enriching attendees with his expertise in navigating the legal terrain of journalism.

The workshop served as a platform for robust discussion and learning, fostering a deeper understanding of the legal frameworks surrounding media practices. It underscored the Media Law Forum’s commitment to empowering media professionals and aspiring journalists with the requisite legal knowledge to navigate their roles effectively in today’s dynamic media landscape.

Sinhala Medium Workshop Photographs



Tamil Medium Workshop Photographs


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