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Enhancing knowledge on digital security

The Media Law Forum, jointly with the International Media Support (IMS) recently held a two day training for online journalists on digital security and digital hygiene. The training was held online on November 20th and 27th, 2021. Online journalists working in all three languages participated the online training and enthusiastically and actively interacted through out the two training sessions on both days.

The trainers, Ms. Lakna Paranamanna and Mr. Haritha Dahanayake are renowned experts of the field with a lot of experience in delivering training to media personnel.

The trainers introduced different types of digital apps that can be used to enhance digital security and empowered them with hygienic practices to safely use online platforms for their journalistic work.

Youtubers, bloggers and web journalists operating platforms with a diverse reach as well as those who are starting the online journey, participated the training. The questions they raised were mostly related to practical issues they faced during their journalistic work. They were keen to grasp updated knowledge in digital security.

Participants responded with contentment about the content of the training and skills they acquired which they strongly believed is very useful in their profession.

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